The calendar below provides information on events happening in our region:

  • Yudansha Training – These classes are primarily intended for people training for a yudansha exam or for anyone interested in working on advanced skills, such as weapons taking, randori, jiyu waza, kaeshi waza, etc. They are tentatively planned for the fourth Sunday of each month (where possible), starting at 10 AM and lasting about 1.5 hours. Students from other dojos are welcome.
  • Kyu Testing – Kyu (non-black belt) testing is generally held on the first Saturday every third month.
  • Open Mat – A yudansha (or other senior student) opens the dojo designated Sunday mornings from 10:00 until 11:30.  Aikido of Madison members and aikido students from other dojos are welcome to work on rolling, techniques for future tests, and/or take ukeme for others.
  • Guest Instructors – Aikido of Madison has a large extended family. We have many connections with other dojos in the area. At times these instructors come in and teach a class or two.
  • Seminar Information – Seminars being hosted at our dojo, or dojos in the surrounding area are listed here.
  • Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU) Events Calendar
  • Aikiweb Seminar Listings